Optimus IT d.o.o.

Optimal IT sollutions.

Company's core activity is development of innovative high technology applicative solutions using newest technology with emphasis on security, knowledge sharing via international conference organization, and practical help to end users.

Management and key employes have come from company ISG d.o.o. founded in 1997, during the transfer of activities along the family line of owners. That is why a new company called Optimus IT d.o.o. was created on 15.3.2013 and has taken over business of previous company.

Our mission is setting and maintaining complete information technology systems with emphasis on open source software..

We are young and adaptable collective who is always looking for new solutions and new knowledge. We are known by our fast response times, expertise, and quality. For those exact reasons we are able to create our strategic products:

- voting devices for persons with disabilities ,
- first public slovenian IaaS cloud,
- own data center in Slovenia and
- complete IT systems and internet solutions.