Voting devices

Voting devices for disabled persons as well as everyone else.

The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted in 2006 and entered into force in 2008. The convention was ratified by the European Union in December 2010. It was ratified also by most countries in Europe and Asia.

Article 29 of the Convention requires that parties to the convention enable disabled voters to cast their votes independently and secretly. This can only be done by the use of equipment, which assists disabled voters to fill out the paper ballot. When observing elections, OSCE evaluates whether disabled voters are able to cast their votes independently and secretly. Under the OSCE Copenhagen document of 1990 states are bound to assure a secret ballot to all voters. The constitution in your country also assures a secret ballot to all voters. The Council of Europe and other international organizations recommend using voting machines or equipment that assists disabled voters.

With our line of Optimus TopVoter® products we can help you realize requirements for independent and anonymous voting of ALL your voters. In case that you don't find a suitable product for you in our product line, we can quickly create one tailored exactly to your needs.

Voting device Optimus TopVoter® has been used on all local and state lections in Republic of Slovenia every year since 2006 in one of the following versions: TopVoter® v1, TopVoter® v2 and TopVoter NG from 2014 onwards.

TopVoter is registered trade mark.