Frequently asked questions and answers.

When will devices be delivered?
Devices will be delivered to voting area a day before the elections by Optimus IT d.o.o. representative. He will also fully set up the device for voting.

How must the voting area or voting booth be prepared?
No special preparations are needed, just a table and a chair. We deliver and setup the device.

Do we need internet connection?
No! No internet connection is needed, we do however require electric connectivity and maybe a power cord extension in case if the electric socket i far away from voting devices delegated space.

Will device function in case of short power failure?
Yes! With UPS system device can whit stand at least 20 minutes of power failure if not longer.

Does the voter require any special knowledge or skill to use the device?
No! Usage is extremely simple, similar to usage of cash machines. User is guided thru the voting procedure with visual or audio instructions

Do the voting officers require any special skills?
No! Usage is really simple, but still we organize seminars for voting officers before the elections.

Do the devices have a certificate, that they satisfy local law standards?

Yes (in Slovenia). Slovenian Institute for local self-government analyzed the TopVoter® v1 and v2 voting devices from technical as well as legal point of view and concluded, that the device is fully consistent with Slovenian law and even international standards of electronic voting.

What is the opinion of disabled persons organization about the devices?

Disabled persons organizations recommend and support device usage.

Why it's not enough if the visually impaired voter votes with help of a friend or relative?

Each voter has the right to anonymously submits his vote, even if he is visually impaired. This can be done only with usage of appropriate device, without any help from whomever.

In our municipality there are only a few disabled persons, we don't really need the device.
Each and every voter has the right for anonymous and independent voting, even if he is the only disabled voter in your municipality. Elderly people, with movement and visual impairments, are usually not in minority.

Device seems expensive. Can it be used in future elections?

Yes! Device can be used in subsequent elections. Somewhere the same devices are used for decades. Finally the device can also be rented.