TopVoter® v2

The solution that enables disabled voters to cast their votes independently.

Optimus TopVoter® v2 is a leading electronic voting device for the disabled. It is designed for people with physical disabilities, illiterate persons, and visually impaired people.

Basic version consists of a color touch screen, an audio device and earphones, a joystick, numeric pad, a mouse and a printer. Additional input devices can be installed at customer's request. In the event that a voter wants to change their vote during voting, the TopVoter allows him or her to do so before the final casting of the ballot. In the case of an interruption of electricity, the device still functions, and the entered data is not lost.

We offer transport to and from the polling stations, installation of the voting machines, instructions to the polling place workers, and the assistance on the day of elections. We also offer software, installation of the software and data preparation. This includes entering the names of all the candidates or lists of candidates for each municipality separately, making sound recordings of the names, and processing of the election results.

The device is designed in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe and the interpretations of the Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons.

No need to change legislation
If the legislation in your country only allows paper ballots, there is no need to amend voting legislation in order to use Optimus TopVoter®. Voting with TopVoter® does not necessarily imply electronic voting. TopVoter® is simply the device that assists a disabled voter to fill out the paper ballot.

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Main Characteristics
  • The equipment meets industrial standards (IP54/NEMA compliant).
Technical security measures
  • System-wide AES128 with a SHA256 hashing (others ciphers possible)
  • multi-level passwords
  • the device can be locked to operate only with appurtenant input devices
Organizational security measures
  • appointment of a guardian
  • precise instructions for use
  • controlled access
  • central storing on a secure location
  • the system and application software is reinstalled for each election separately